Confirmed! DHL has the canary islands listed as a Country!

Just take a look at this:

dhl doc

Just right there, next to Monaco, Finland, etc. what’s more curious is this!


Spain has a star mark (*) and it explains that “shipping of goods not allowed in the EU except territories Åland (FIN), Mount Athos (GR), Livigno and Campione d’Italia and the Italian waters belonging to the of Lake Lugano (I), Ceuta and Melilla (ES).”

So in DHL Land (that’s right, they make new countries so they probably have one for their own) Ceuta and Melilla, other islands that belong to Spain just like Hawaii belongs to the US, are marked as a special destination that needs one more working day which is totally understandable, but why don’t they do this to the Canary Islands?! Because they just forget to explain to you that they are from the future and there the Canary Islands are independent and you are a fool for not knowing this, therefore pay more money and leave with the false promise of your package arriving the next working day!

I did get a call some days ago where I got one DHL staff stating that Canary Islands is a country, and another one telling me that I will get a refund. I will not post audios just yet since I don’t want to screw with privacy stuff… yet.

After this call I sent them an email with all the data, documents and my address to get my refund, but today I got another phone call from a “supervisor” who denied to tell me his name insisting that it was my fault, that the “Canary Islands Country has a 2 working day ship time” and he doesn’t care what the DHL staff at the office in Berlin told me, but Spain has 1 working day and Canary Islands Land has 2 working days, hence, no refund for me for writing Spain as I was told by themselves at the DHL office in Berlin. But then again, why is it my fault when I’m given false information about shipping time and when I pay the price for “Zone 2” shipping and write all the information correctly? I wonder.

Also remember this is DHL Germany, or DHL Land, I don’t know anymore. Since I’ve been told again that Canary Islands is a country I will keep on instructing people on “DHL’s geography”, “History and Politics according to DHL” and “How to blame your customers with illogical and false statements so you don’t lose money due to your incompetent staff!”

Source for the PDF:

PDF at the day I downloaded it: dhl-express-laufzeiten-zonen-062013

I will keep posting about my seemingly impossible quest to get my money back from DHL and I hope it ends soon or that I have more fun times with the customer service from such a big, important company.


How DHL denies the money back guarantee by claiming that the Canary Islands are a country and it’s not part of Spain

This is the story of how I got ripped off by DHL when trying to send a small but important package from Berlin, Germany to Tenerife, Spain. Sorry, according to DHL I should say Tenerife, Canary Islands. I went to a DHL office here in Berlin last thursday afternoon and, with the help of DHL staff, I filled the form to send a package from Berlin to Tenerife for the hefty sum of 53.9 euros.

I asked why so much money? and they told because it was “Zone 2” which is EU but not on mainland, I said ok, there you go 53.9 euros (Zone 1 would have been 42 euros) and they told me it would arrive the next day (Friday). Next morning I track my package and Find this!


VITORIA? Wrong facility? Well yes, I will show you a map of where Vitoria is in Spain and how far from it Tenerife is:


Just about 2400 kms away, not so bad right? I immediately figured the package would be delayed because of DHL’s mistake for sending to the ‘Wrong Facility’. I calmy call customer service in DHL (here in Germany it costs about 50cents per minute plus the normal rate, but I found this page that helped me out) and they tell me to wait until monday and that I will not get a refund since it is a mistake for filling “Spain” as the destination country in the shipping form, I of course lost my temper and the DHL customer service had the great idea of hanging up on me after repeatedly stating that Canary Islands is a country different from Spain.

This sounds so crazy but I started to fill complaint forms online here and here at the end somebody contacted me finally… FROM VENEZUELA!!!! What the hell???? look at this:


So yeah, not even complaints can be handled correctly by DHL staff. I of course exchanged some emails with this customer service from Venezuela that could speak a very good Google Translate english, it was fun and of course resolved nothing for me, he did not say that the Canary Islands is a country though.

Finally I managed to speak to someone in DHL friday night and they assured me they would send me the documentation to apply for a refund. I waited over the weekend and I received another call this morning from a DHL employee from Germany and he started to repeat the same thing about this being my fault for saying that Tenerife is part of Spain and not of Canary Islands Land, or the kingdom of the Canary Islands, who knows? I looked for a recorder and told the employee to repeat the statement of Canary Islands not being part of Spain and he hung up after saying that I will get a letter with an explanation; my God how I’m waiting for that letter to arrive and show it to people around.

Here is a picture of the shipping form:


Now remember, next time you are using DHL to send an important package just make sure to add a map so the very professional and intelligent staff can understand where the package is going, nevermind the postal code! nevermind the price! Just make sure you ask them what country do they think the destination city is!!!

So yeah, just to remind you there are other services out there such as: